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Welcome to our exclusive review of XLBet Casino and Sportsbook! The big-talking newcomer is offering a three-deposit package with €1000 bonus chips and 300 gratis spins!

General Information 

XLBet Casino is a relatively new online casino that was opened in 2023. It is owned by Betpoint Group Ltd, which is a trusted and well-established company in the online gambling industry. The backer is therefore a very well-known name in the industry and has drawn the likes of 21.com, Justspin and Nitro Casino. So with a respectable amount of titles under its belt, we can expect the sixth to be at least as high quality as the previous ones.

The casino operates under a license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA/B2C/203/2011), which ensures that it adheres to strict regulations and guidelines to provide a safe and fair gaming environment for its players.

And now we have a great opportunity to get to know the service itself, which for a long time was just a construction site. In the following, we'll take a look at the XLBet offering and the environment, which was built with real care and without sparing any resources.

XLBet Website Look 

The recent launch welcomes players to a traditional gaming site right from the front page, which of course includes modern features. This catchphrase can mean different things to many, but we see XLBet here as meaning to be modern in its clean and simple implementation.

The traditional feel can be sensed in the design of the environment, with menus, for example, located in a familiar place at the top of the window. That's where the user's eye goes first, so it's understandable why important information is placed in this way. From this element, you can easily navigate between XLBet's casino games and sports betting, which is a very familiar solution in terms of layout these days.

In their own words, the operator aims to use graphics to create an authentic atmosphere on the screens, so that the user feels like they are in Vegas or Monaco. The idea is very beautiful, that the player can step from his own couch into these gambling pilgrimage destinations in his mind. However, it will take some technological development to get even close to the real thing.

XLBet Casino Usability

As for the newcomers, we are seeing more and more services that are easier to use. Usability always plays a big role when comparing different online sites and XLBet has invested in it effectively. Its basic idea is to provide users with unforgettable moments on the site, which has been polished to the last millimetre.

When it comes to the functionality of the site itself, the first thing that often comes to mind is the loading times, as they speak volumes about usability. However, XLBet Casino rolls along as expected and there is no need to stare at the loading windows at all. In addition, the operator's menu structure has been created simply and navigation is really effortless.

Let's not forget the pocket-sized gadgets, which XLBet has taken into account with great vigour. The interface scales well to smaller screens and the features are at the same level of functionality as when accessed via PC.

XLBet Casino Bonuses

The game kicks off with a fully-branded welcome offer, offering players a massive amount of chips and spins. However, the full €1000 and 300 gratis spins will not be hit on the first deposit, but it's a three-pack. You can enjoy the bonuses according to the next cap:

  • 1st deposit: 100% advantage up to €100 + 30 gratis spins with code XLBET
  • 2nd deposit: 50% advantage up to €300 + 70 gratis spins with code XLBET2
  • 3rd deposit: 25% advantage up to €600 + 200 gratis spins with code XLBET3

As you will have already noticed, even if we are talking about a big offer in terms of money, the same percentage of fireworks is not guaranteed. Only the first installment brings double the amount transferred to the account, and the second and third installments are far behind the highest figures in the industry.

On the other hand, the advantage is quite palatable for free spins lovers, as only a minimum deposit of €10 is required to cash out. On the other hand, when browsing through the terms and conditions in more detail, the point comes up that the spins will only be activated after the cash portion has been wagered. This means that redeemed chips must be wagered 50 times before you can enjoy the spins, and winnings are subject to a 20x wagering requirement.

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XLBet Casino Games 

Of course, it is the games and their variety that set the releases apart and this time the signs are pointing to a huge success. Namely, XLBet has filled its library with nothing but prime quality stuff and the mills are being run by internationally acclaimed gaming houses.

Several categories ensure that you don't have to spin the same slots, but can get to know slots you've never seen before if you wish. In addition, XLBet actively updates its own catalogue with the latest releases. This allows for a high-quality and varied selection, which is a basic prerequisite for survival in a highly competitive environment.

In addition to the traditional slots, there are of course table games and live games, which are sure to add variety to the trips of many players. After all, these card games are classics of a sort, so they can't really be discounted, especially given how popular the pastimes are.


When you consider which category operators often put the most resources into in their own ranges, a hundred times out of a hundred you can turn your gaze to the category of slot machines. After all, these slots, known for their simple operation, are the most played slots, so the choice is very easy to make.

XLBet is no exception and takes a different approach, with more than 1600 games in this category holding the mantle of the leader in terms of volume. Scrolling through the list, one can actually come across every title enjoying great popularity, challenged by numerous recent works.

Jackpot slots 

Many players will be dreaming of big wins, and images of dollars will be conjured up in their minds as they contemplate moving to the gaming floor. It is well known that the biggest sums are found in the jackpots, and the progressively increasing payouts in particular attract widespread interest.

On the other hand, the jackpots remain a pipe dream at XLBet, as there are no such slots available. If there is one weakness to highlight about this newcomer, it would be this category.

Megaways games

The bitter encounter with the previous category still in recent memory will gnaw at your soul, but fortunately, there is a cheer in store. XLBet is not stepping into the trap a second time but has unearthed a wild array of different types of Megaways hybrids.

However, just to make sure life doesn't turn into a bed of roses, there's no category of its own, but the search field becomes really familiar. By typing in the name of a category, you can access dozens of options. From these, everyone is sure to find something meaningful to do in their spare time.

Live casino & table games

Access to real-world arcades is often a tricky business, but you can also enjoy the atmosphere of the real world on online sites. Video gaming tables run by real people are very popular with today's players, which is why it's important to invest in quality offerings.

With this newcomer, you can enjoy the products of the number one studio on the market, as Pragmatic and XLBet both have exclusive responsibility for the live side. On the table games side, there are several producers, which is reflected in the huge variety in a nice way.

XLBet Customer Service 

As the fiery publication said in its introduction text that modern features have been incorporated into the portal, they are available in the customer service area, for example. Namely, XLBet has made available to players a support channel somewhat similar to a chatbot, where you can ask a question and the answers related to the topic will appear on the screen. Basically, this feature is an interactive FAQ list that takes the extra hassle out of finding solutions.

Of course, a traditional FAQ list is also available, providing answers for the most common situations. But personally, I would rather go to this new innovation to find solutions than browse through a seemingly endless list.

As is very common, there is also a communication channel that reaches the right people, which you can easily access via the Help button on the top bar. The dedicated button opens a window where you can start a chat with an XLBet customer service representative and smoothly explain the problem you are facing. The 24/7 support also responds to emails, so there really is a wide range of help available.

XLBet Casino Banking 

The extensive list of options extends from games to payment methods, which XLBet offers in large numbers. It has selected only the highest quality and safest services to ensure that every euro transferred finds its way to the right place. With a choice of the most common debit and credit cards, as well as online wallets and many others, you can choose from a long list of methods to suit your needs.

However, Trustly stands out as the lone payment method among this hard-core bunch, allowing you not only to make prompt payments but also to play account-free. XLBet Casino, therefore, gives players the choice between different login methods and can be considered a hybrid gaming site. Operators like this combine the coolest aspects of both traditional and modern sites to make the customer experience as comfortable as possible.

XLBet does not charge any fees for payments, but the player should be aware of any fees charged by the payment processor. These issues are conveniently explained directly on the money transfer information page, so it is worth reading through it before starting to play. You will also find the maximum and minimum limits for deposits and withdrawals in the same place.

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XLBet Gaming Licence 

A proper license tells players that this is a trustworthy gaming site. The license is issued by the authority after it has checked the site's ways of operating. XLBet Casino's certification comes from the number one gaming authority in the market, the Malta Gaming Authority.

This license guarantees that the gameplay is honest and fair and no shenanigans are practiced at the site. The MGA constantly monitors the operation and is genuinely on the player's side, as even the strictest regulations keep security at a high level.

XLBet Players Reviews 

“From the name, I thought it was a strictly betting site and there wouldn't be any more games than the number on offer. In the end, the truth was quite the opposite and there was a nice amount to spin in many categories. In terms of selection, I was really pleased with what I saw and the rest was smooth sailing.”

“From the very first step, it works great, as the login is easy to do with the bank IDs. No need to fill in any forms, just confirming the first deposit was enough to open an account. The end of the trip was also a pleasure, as winnings were withdrawn at a fast pace.”

“Visually very simple, but all the easier to use. I didn't encounter any problems during my visit and I was able to check out the automated responses from the customer service team. It gave me a lot of information about the different features and procedures, so it was not a waste of time.”

As expected, the avid gamblers have headed straight to the fresh address. As a result, we are once again able to collect the icing on the cake in the form of comments and feedback. On the whole, XLBet has got off to a good start on its own journey, as the tone of the messages is very positive.

Praise has been raining down here and there, as far as its features are concerned. In particular, the players have been impressed by the streamlined product offering, which in short has something for everyone. Of course, XLBet's style of handling customer identification via bank IDs will satisfy the modern player and with such a high level of functionality on the portal, there's no need to bash it too much. And it's not like there are any opportunities to do so.

Is XLBet a scam? 

The team behind XLBet have years of knowledge of the gaming industry and have proven their merits on many previous portals. So we do not believe that this company has suddenly turned to the dark side. The signs in the air only betray integrity, which makes XLBet a safe place to be.

The biggest measure of trustworthiness is often considered to be the licence issued by the authorities, the details of which are displayed on the portal of every honest gaming site. This is also the case this time and at the bottom of the screen, you can identify the issuer of the certificate, which is one of the most prestigious on the market. This body is also responsible for external monitoring to ensure that gaming sites stay on the straight and narrow.

The technical solutions it has chosen, which also have a strong impact on the player, play their part in the day-to-day running of the site. The server used by XLBet is protected in the appropriate manner and the security of money transfers is ensured by well-known payment intermediaries. We are therefore unable to point to any point that would suggest that this publication is a scam.

Final Thoughts 

A newcomer bursting with style and functionality received our editorial approval and in what way. A really comprehensive and full-of-stuff games library is sure to entertain for a long time, and the betting offerings slapped on top of it raise the scores in our book by a good margin.

Furthermore, in terms of layout, XLBet meets every standard, which is why we look at fresh factors. The environment is clear, so navigating between the different sites is effortless. Add to this combo an efficiently updated website and the package is well put together.

This brings the exploration to the finish line and we remain interested in watching the sand roll off the hourglass, as we want to follow this operator's journey towards the brightest lights. If you're looking for a quality and nuanced acquaintance, take a peek at what's on offer.

XLBet Casino FAQ 

Is XLBet a reliable online casino?

It is a trustworthy site and the gaming site ensures this with secure payment methods, games, and a license issued by the authorities, among other things.

How do I open an account at XLBet?

Once the operator has opened its doors, you can create an account for yourself via the button on the front page of the gaming site. As far as we know at the moment, you can join using the traditional method and not by using your online banking credentials.

Where can I read about XLBet online casino experiences?

On this page, you will find customer comments about the gaming site. We will add messages as soon as possible after the opening.

Does XLBet offer bonuses and gratis spins to new customers?

There is no information about the welcome bonus or its form yet, so we have to wait for more information.

How fast are deposits and withdrawals at XLBet online casino?

Most likely deposits will be almost instant, but withdrawal requests will require separate approval. For this reason, withdrawal times can be between 1 and 24 hours.

Is XLBet a scam?

No, it is not a scam. It is subject to verification by a reputable authority before a license is issued. Furthermore, the publication is backed by a company with a long track record of success with its popular sites.

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