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Koi Casino Review 

Recently, an obscene amount of new and good games hit the market. One of these is the Oriental-style Koi Casino, which aims to give players a great experience without any unnecessary adjustments. Of course, this mantra is quite common, and perhaps even a bit of a cliché, but at least based on the preview, it's not exactly a far-fetched idea.

The site doesn't seem to be anything special in terms of its appearance, but a few small details show that it has been made with a more forceful approach than its competitors. And of course, since all the design and implementation has been done with the customer in mind, you will certainly discover during this review and a possible game trip what these anomalous delicacies are all about.

The owner of Koi Casino is Njord Ventures BV, which is certainly not a company that rings a bell with many. It's a new face in the gaming industry, but the people behind the operation have years of experience in the industry, so there's certainly plenty of knowledge available. The same company has also launched Buumi Casino, which is rapidly gaining popularity among traditional entertainment gamblers. It is, therefore, safe to say that the initial prospects, in this case, are very good.

The Website Look 

The first thing that catches the eye is the exterior of the site, as it is naturally the first element you encounter in a gaming venue. In this respect, Koi Casino is not a trendsetter or a Leonardo da Vinci in its field, but rather a strong basic performer that focuses on functionality rather than flashiness.

Typical of modern sites, things are very clear and simple, and there is no desire to introduce any distractions. The extra bragging about themes and gimmicks with characters has been left to other players, and that's been a good decision. And even if the simplistic solutions are a bit boring at times, Koi Casino cannot be counted in that category, as the overall result is very pleasant.

The colour scheme is also far from the traditional dark tones that have been used over the years to hunt for a luxurious and elegant atmosphere. In contrast, Koi has chosen orange-red and white as its main colours, which make the page look very bright and cheerful.

Fast Pay N Play 

Lightning strikes and speed lines are a great way to add to the atmosphere that Koi Casino offers in terms of usability. The action has been designed to minimise all the nonsense and frills, while at the same time adding pace and straightforwardness, so you'll know what's coming.

The game is easily accessed using bank credentials and the time taken to complete the whole process can often be calculated in seconds. So you don't have to worry about any more than the official steps, you can easily get through them and get straight to the games. And of course, the engine has enough power to keep bugs at bay.

While the visual aspect has been kept simple and clear, so has the structure of the site. The layout and arrangement at Koi Casino is really logical, so there's no need to look at anything extra on your gaming trip. If you just want to focus on indulging in the slots, you can do that without any extra hassle.

Koi Casino Bonuses

Welcome packages are often a nice way to start your gaming experience, as they offer a nice variety of benefits for a one-off payment. However, offering a one-off benefit does not sit well with this operator's philosophy, which is why you won't find one on this site. However, we found that they have recently added a first deposit bonus, which is as follows: 100% up to €500. Really not bad.

In addition, Koi Casino offers its guests a daily cashback, which is basically a small reward for each time they play. Losing is never fun, but this time it's a little less unpleasant because you know you'll get 15% of your wagered money back the very next day. The same refund is also handed out on any money won but not played. So the outcome doesn't matter and you always get a quarterback.

Koi Welcome Bonus

Koi Casino Games 

The games on offer are of course the best on the market, as anything less than that wouldn't stand a chance against the competition. Many of the market's top guns can be found in the gaming providers filter, including Microgaming, NetEnt and Red Tiger Gaming, so there's no need to worry about the quality of the offerings.

The selection is also of a very decent size and games can be found in a wide range of genres. When it comes to categorisation, Koi has perhaps spared a little effort, as there are only a few of the most common casino listings. These include slots, video poker, and table games, with a special feature being the “favourite games in your area” list.

The content is therefore pretty much spot on and you can't ask for any better performance than that. However, Koi Casino can still pay a little attention to its own tools and solutions, and with a little tweaking, they can be brought up to scratch. As things stand, however, there is no real harm in this and the games can already be enjoyed to the full.


Next, let's dig a little deeper into Koi Casino's game collection section by section, so you should be awake now. First, let's take a look at the almost endless world of slots, which has of course found its way onto this site.

No gaming site could be complete without slots, so the presence of this section should come as no surprise to anyone. Nor will it come as a big surprise that the range of slots on offer here is nothing short of staggering. With all of the industry's biggest hits on offer, as well as numerous other options, there's no shortage of things to do.


When you get bored of the basic grind and the few hundred dollar wins don't get your heart rate up anymore, you can start looking for new energy in the direction of jackpots. And if you don't know where to find such options, at least one good option is Koi Casino, which has a wide variety of big-winning products in its portfolio.

The unfortunate side of course is that there is no dedicated section for jackpots, but you have to hunt for them amongst all the other products. Moreover, as the search only shows three results at a time, it is not easy to access the whole range of products. So it's best if you know exactly what you want, so you can head straight for the game in question.


After a lot of digging and searching, we managed to find our own list of Megaways, but it's not the easiest to achieve. Players have to scroll down to the bottom of the main list, which reveals a “Games by Theme” section, where Megaways are also represented. Scrolling all the way down, however, takes a bit of nerve and effort, as the constantly refreshing listings don't make it any easier.

If and when you've found your way there, that's when Koi Casino gets to show off its skills. There's a very nice selection of Megaways on offer, and while there's no big party in terms of quantity, the quality is all the more impressive.

Table Games

There's also a reasonably decent table games side to the game, although we're not talking about the top of the market here. There are options in both traditional and real-time formats, so everyone is free to choose the style that suits them best. There are a few dozen products in total, so you should be able to get some sessions in.

Live Dealer

The live side of Koi Casino is handled by the best professionals, better known as Pragmatic Play as well as Evolution Gaming. Some of the games nicely display the allowed wagering limits, so it's easy to pick an option that suits your wallet. The differences can be very big, with the minimum bet in some games being €0.20 while in others it goes up to €500.

Popular Games and Live Dealer

Koi Casino Payments 

Partnering with only the most trusted names in online banking mechanisms in the world, Koi Casino offers a variety of safe and secure banking methods with which to make deposits and withdrawals. These include widely used credit and debit cards like Visa and Mastercard. You can also make use of web wallets like Skrill or NETELLER, as well as prepaid solutions like Paysafecard, for those quick and convenient, on-the-go deposits. Last but not least, they Koi Casino also offer convenient payments in cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and other shitcoins.

As an industry standard, when initiating a withdrawal, you could be asked to verify your information by sending in certain documents, namely a copy of your driver’s licence or ID, as well as a recent utility bill. While deposits ordinarily reflect in your casino account immediately, withdrawals are subject to different pending periods, the timescales of which will depend on the method chosen. Generally speaking, all withdrawals get processed within 48 hours – how long they take to reach players also depends on their individual banks.

When it comes to payment limits, the minimum possible deposit is €10 while withdrawals start from €100. Furthermore, with a daily withdrawal limit of €50,000 and thge monly limit of €100,000, we can say that these are very customer-friendly limits.

Koi Casino Licence 

Whenever you go to a gaming site, one of the first things to check is the license. There is almost always some kind of footer and although there are different levels of operators, almost all licenses are at least at a moderate level of security. If, on the other hand, there is no such licence at all, then it is worth making an immediate U-turn and leaving the site.

This time, Koi Casino introduces the Curacao license (8048/JAZ), which is by far one of the most well-known gaming industry endorsements. The presence of this authority guarantees a safe and quality gaming experience, so its presence is a very good thing for players.

Koi Casino Support 

Every player will be thrilled when the venue's customer support team announces that they are on hand to help around the clock, every day of the year. This same ribbing can be found in the bowels of Koi Casino and is one of the most important aspects of functioning support service. If the opening hours were restricted in any way, it would immediately raise uncertainty among players.

The 24/7 service can be enjoyed via the modern live chat, where you can find many different language options. It is easy to click on the bottom right corner and your problem can be brought to the attention of the professionals in just a few seconds. And you don't have to wait much longer for a response, so it's a fast-paced service all around.

There is also a support email available, which certainly doesn't require any user guidance. Messages are sent just like any other email ([email protected]) and then you wait for a reply. So Koi has very competent and efficient customer service, which is certainly key to a successful gaming trip.

Trustpilot: Players' Reviews

“A gaming site that follows a clear line is a pleasure to the eye. Personally, I don't need any frills around the games, I'm just interested in how the games roll. In this sense, Koi Casino is a very good choice, although some might find it boring.”

“The daily cashback is the best I know, and I wouldn't give it up easily. Every time I return to the site, there are pennies from previous games waiting for me, which puts a smile on my face. The game selection is a very suitable package for my own use and there's a lot of choices.”

Koi Casino, which has perhaps been a bit of a media blackout, has not garnered much praise or criticism, with very few reviews. However, some worthy comments can be found in the depths of the internet, and based on these, things are looking very good. There's nothing special on offer, but for basic gambling lovers, this is a great fit.

The reputation is certainly in line with what the operator itself is aiming for. High-quality and functional gaming is the main asset of this site and, at least according to the comments, it has been very successful. Of course, those who want something special from their games have certainly not even strayed here, which is why there are no bad things to say about it either.

Is Koi Casino OK?

The quality-built gaming site is equipped with all the latest goodies, with of course security and safety playing a big part. For example, when it comes to payments and data transfer, Koi Casino has to be very precise and that's why a lot of effort has been put into it. An encrypted site connection, a quality payment processor and various data protection rules ensure player security.

One sign of the reliability of Koi Casino is also the license, which is the so-called players' lobby. The Curacao authority regulates, controls and monitors the activities of Koi Casino and will not tolerate any kind of malpractice. Therefore, any scams would certainly be detected, so there is no need to fear them in this equation.

In general, the gaming industry is so closely controlled and monitored that if there are any scams, they will be brought to everyone's attention immediately. Of course, players' comments are a valuable source of information, as they provide honest opinions, which will certainly also highlight any shortcomings.

Register and Play or Pay N Play

Our Take on Koi 

A real active gambler's dream is at hand, with daily cash backs on offer. Of course, people who play a lot will also like the big deposit bonuses, but most of the time they don't go very far in their hands, which is why Koi Casino's cashback system is a much more popular choice among them.

So if you're a real big casino lover, then Koi is a good choice for you. Every day you play, you might win and if you don't, then you know that you'll get 15% of the money you play back the next day. This in turn means that you don't have to make new deposits each time, but have money left over from the previous time you played.

All the important pieces have been covered at this stage and we at least left with a good taste in our mouths. Towards the end of the review, we also discovered an interesting detail about Koi Casino, especially its name, which means carp. This particular fish symbolises courage and good luck, so the meaning of the name was clearly carefully thought out before it was introduced.

If players do face challenges, there is always a good customer service team to help. In addition, the site provides comprehensive information on how it works, how to use it and, of course, the licence. Everything seems to be very carefully implemented, which is certainly the result of the skills acquired over the years.

Koi Casino FAQ 

Is Koi Casino a reliable online casino?

It is. The operation is guaranteed by a license and everything is carefully implemented. Background information and terms of use are clearly presented and security is taken care of.

How do I open an account at Koi Casino?

There is no need to open a gaming account separately, you can authenticate using your online banking credentials. This process is handled conveniently when making a deposit. It is also possible to simply log in to continue playing.

Where can I read about Koi Casino?

You can find feedback in this review. You can read the direct quotes or our compiled text of the thoughts given.

How fast are deposits and withdrawals?

Instant. The well-known provider promises to transfer funds both ways in just minutes. There is no indication from customer feedback that this talk is misleading.

Is Koi Casino a scam?

No. There is nothing to suggest that it is. The modern gaming site is designed to high standards in accordance with all regulations.

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