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This time we are dealing with an acquaintance that doesn't matter. Huikee Kasino has brought its inventive brand to the market and the highly anticipated newcomer is finally available to test. We are sorry to note that there is no early bird package for depositing players, but this firebrand operator is meant to be tested in the long run.

The excellent VIP package rewards the player with four levels of rewards. This compensates perfectly for the fact that there are no real fireworks to be enjoyed at the starting gun. The longer you stay, the better the value for money.

Huikee Kasino Review 

The crowd sighs, the applause explodes and the atmosphere soars through the rafters. The long-awaited Huikee Kasino has finally opened its doors to the gaming public, and of course one of the first to enter is our team for a comprehensive review.

The 2022 year has been a refreshingly active year for new releases, but fewer players have already made us feel like we're on the brink of something big. Stunning Casino is undoubtedly one of the most fun brands we've had the pleasure of witnessing in recent years, so we're betting on bright times ahead for this newcomer to the market.

The big machine behind the site is the familiar White Hat Gaming Limited, known for their really fast pace of releases and great products. The strong sense of craftsmanship can be seen and felt in each and every one of these specimens, without exception. This has been demonstrated in the past by other casino sites, for example, Jackpot Village. will therefore be joining the handsome cavalcade and expectations are high for good reason. In this review, we'll get down to the nitty-gritty of what's on offer and explain to the reader what this newcomer is really made of. The game selection, customer service, user experience, and of course, feedback from other players will all take their turn. Take a seat on the bow and join the journey.

Website Features and Look 

The end result is stitched together in a compact package. Practically everything you need to know can be found on the homepage, as Huikee is also designed in a space-less style, following modern standards, with an emphasis on simplicity and ease of use.

In the introduction, we mentioned the fun of the brand. This is certainly true, as the casino hits the nail on the head when it comes to the entertainment gambler. The visual appearance lives up to its name and the approachable layout makes each visit a particularly pleasant one.

The colour themes lean heavily on white, as well as the green torn from the lime peel. The only contradiction is the characters brought in from the various vending machines, which in no way make up for the lack of a mascot for this type of venue. The end result, however, is something to pat the graphics team on the back for.

Scrolling through the casino is easy, as all the information you need is available on the first screen. However, the menu on the left-hand side helps to find shortcuts to the desired areas and thus the many paths lead the customer to the games very easily. Overall, the implementation is excellent.

User Experience and Navigation 

The interface of the site is very simple and modern, which is very much in line with current trends. Ease of use and clarity have been in high demand recently, so it's really no surprise that Huikee Kasino looks like this. Players are provided with all the tools they need, but at the same time, extra features have been removed to make things nice and easy.

Of course, the ease is evident from the site's operating model, which doesn't involve registration. The operator, which is part of the instant casino scene, has focused on efficient and straightforward gaming, so there are no delayed bets, such as those familiar with hockey. Depositing and logging in is just a few clicks away, and then you're Ready to Go!

This casino offers its guests familiar and secure options for navigation, namely the menu and the search function. Unlike many previous operators, these functions are embedded very elegantly into the look and feel of the site, so you might not even notice their existence.

As a whole, the site is very well implemented and you can really tell that this is a brand new casino. Utilising the latest technological inventions, the site offers a fast and smooth experience, with no fear of unnecessary glitches.

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Huikee Kasino Games 

This time we are dealing with an acquaintance that doesn't matter. Huikee Kasino has brought its inventive brand to the market and the highly anticipated newcomer is finally available to test. We are sorry to note that there is no bonus package for depositing players, but this firebrand operator is meant to be tested in the long run.

The excellent VIP package rewards the player with four levels of rewards. This compensates perfectly for the fact that there are no real fireworks to be enjoyed at the starting gun. The longer you stay, the better the value for money.

Of course, the site also offers a hefty package of different games, because this is not what you'd call a place to play. There are over 800 different options available at Huikee Kasino, which is a very reasonable number. It's still not the brightest of lights with a selection of this size, but let's just say you can't wade through the entire library in a day or two.

Game Categories 

The game categories are of course also available from the front page, so there's no need to go through the whole list. In addition, players can create a “My favourite games” section in their profile, which can be filled in as the name suggests. Of course, games can also be browsed by producer, which can be conveniently found in their own coverage.

Software Providers 

There are no big surprises in the list of game producers, or at least not for the biggest names. Huikee has managed to gather around it all the most well-known and deserving manufacturers, such as NetEnt, Red Tiger, Microgaming, and NYX. This of course also means that you can play all the most iconic stars on the market, as well as the hottest new releases.


Slot machines are a real casino site staple, as I dare say no gaming site is short of them. Indeed, many top manufacturers have invested heavily in these games, as they are very popular with players. One of these providers is Play'n Go, which has some very high-quality products such as Golden Osiris, Ice Joker, and Reactoonz.

This site offers a huge variety of slot games, with something to suit everyone's tastes. The quality and quantity is spot on, so you can't really ask for more than that.


Oh dear, oh dear, this time there is no separate list of jackpots among the game categories. What's even more annoying is that there are still a lot of these great games available, so finding them can sometimes be difficult. To make things easier, Huikee Kasino should definitely put together a completely dedicated package of these king-of-the-gaming world games.

The search term “jackpot” is a good way to get started, as you can find around 30 different options. However, the biggest sums are not yet at stake, and it's the names of the games that should be searched for to find the category's biggest hits. These include Mega Moolah, Divine Fortune, Hall of Gods, and Arabian Nights, so all you can do is wish them luck and send your thanks to our editorial team afterwards!


The same problem plagues Megaways games, which cannot be browsed using the predefined lists. The search function is also the best friend in this situation because typing “Megaways” in front of the search box opens up a huge amount of fast-paced action. There are actually nearly 70 different games, so it's a very diverse selection, even on a global scale.

On the site, a search on the back of the site will bring up many colourful options, so it's understandable that making a choice can be difficult. However, some good recommendations include Super Joker, Mighty Griffin, and Mystical Santa. You can also dig around the site for other MW games that don't contain the word, such as the very popular Bonanza.

Live Casino & Table Games

Fortunately, there are separate listings for these games, and they take the form of ‘Live Casino‘ and ‘Table Games'. The live side of the site is not big in size, but the quality is absolutely top-notch. Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play are behind the games, so the dealers are guaranteed to keep the decks jumping.

However, if the stylish blackjack and other options on the live side aren't quite enough, then you can jump over to's table games. The same games are on offer, but with a slightly different implementation, which is hardly a major drawback. Roulette, baccarat, poker, and entertainment games are all available from this comprehensive selection.

True Finnish Online Casino 

The name certainly tells you all you need to know about the site and its agenda. Huikee is certainly not in the dictionary of any other country, so we can safely say that this is a gambling establishment that aims for a stupendous experience. On the other hand, this is not a big surprise either, because while operators always want to offer their best to the gaming public, few have really lived up to their name.

The aim of the site is therefore to satisfy all types of players, but especially the fast-paced gamer crowd. In order to achieve this, the site must be translated. The operator has also realised that not just any translator's output will do, but that everything must be as smooth as possible. The whole thing is very well done and good language can be enjoyed throughout the site.

In addition to the translation, fast-paced players are treated to other aspects such as domestic casino support and tax-free winnings. Moreover, money transfer is handled with familiar methods and there are certainly no complaints about the games either. If this is not to the liking of gamblers, then the solution to the problem may have to look in the mirror.

Huikee Kasino Support 

There are two ways of contacting them in case of problems, either via email or live chat. Both offer service in different languages and, at least according to the promises, the service is lightning fast.

The live chat runs 24/7 and is the preferred method of contact, always just a click away. It's a very quick and easy way to deal with smaller issues in particular. However, slightly more complex issues can be handled by email ([email protected]), where responses are sought within 24 hours.

In addition, customer support includes a section where all the most common questions are answered, so that information is available in ready-to-use packages. Many people know this also as the “FAQ” section, which is a very commonly used function. In short, a high-quality and very familiar style of customer support that leaves no one alone.

However, there is one factor that sets Huikee Kasino's customer support apart from many other operators. All customer service staff speak Finnish as their mother tongue, so the service is sure to be really smooth. No matter how hard you try to mess with their heads with dialects or difficult slang, you're unlikely to succeed.

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Huikee Kasino Payments 

This is a “PnP” or PayNPlay casino, which works much more efficiently than traditional money transfers. There is no registration or any other additional authentication required, everything is done easily with online banking credentials. So forget about sending documents and struggling with them, because this works with the power of thought.

One of the typical features of instant gambling is often reflected in the payment options. In fact, there is often no choice at all, but one and the same payment method for all visitors. The most common payment processor is Trustly, which is also the driving force behind Huikee Kasino.

It is a Swedish payment service that has all the licenses and permits in order. It is known for its speed, ease of use and security, so there is no better partner for your gaming trips. Deposits are always almost instant and withdrawals are transferred to your account in minutes, and the casino operator does not charge any extra fees.

Huikee Gaming Licences 

When you look at the footer bar, you'll notice many entries that turn out to be really impressive licenses. In the UK, the UK Gambling Commission is responsible, in Sweden it's overseen by their own authority and elsewhere it's the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA/B2C/370/2017).

All in all, Huikee Kasino holds three different licences, all from really big players. Each authority is very particular about the sites operating under it, and just getting a licence can be a challenge.

The most relevant, however, is the Malta Gaming Authority, which is responsible for ensuring that operations in Finland are eligible. It's hard to find a better guardian angel in the market, and when you add to that the completely tax-free profits, everything is ‘in order'.

Huikee Trustpilot Reviews 

“We were getting bored with the fast-paced gaming sites, so this one was a must-have. The first few games spun and everything seems to be in order. We'll come back to it later, just in time to finish!”

“Where Trustly goes, so do I. I don't really even play on sites that don't have this payment method anymore, because why switch away from the best? Fast transfers both ways are always just a couple of clicks away, which I'm thrilled about time and time again. The casino site itself is really entertaining in other features, so it's a standard feature.”

Players are just getting a feel for the Huikee, but the launch and the first few meters look very promising. The originality of the game has been a particular source of excitement, as there are not an endless number of game sites aimed at this kind of audience.

Of course, many people also talk about money transfers, which are certainly the best on offer. Trustly handles money transfers in one direction or another very quickly and without too much hassle, which is something that many people like. Instant gambling has also become so widespread that many players are reluctant to give up the goodies it brings.

The reputation is therefore on a good upward curve, although it is too early to draw any conclusions. Time will tell how popular this site will become and whether it will possibly become the new favourite choice of domestic players.

No Account Gaming 

Playing without registration is a good choice for really anyone. It allows for quick gaming trips for players who like to play from time to time when they're in a hurry. Games can be accessed in minutes and withdrawals don't take much longer, making one-off visits really easy.

On the other hand, the activity also provides a good starting point for active players, who enjoy the games a lot. In addition to the easy payment function, Huikee Kasino offers a VIP feature that rewards the most active players with great prizes and benefits. This includes tailored promotions and a dedicated account manager, making the experience even easier.

If you happen to fall between the two extremes, don't worry. offers a great framework for any player looking for a little pick-me-up to take the edge off weeks or months of vacation.

Is Huikee Kasino a scam?

Above we discussed a bit about licenses and the authorities behind them. However, many people will have looked in that section only for information on tax-free winnings, leaving other aspects of the game to be overlooked. However, these authorities is also a guarantee of reliable and safe operation, which means that Huikee Kasino is by no means a scam.

It is also run by the WHG giant, which is certainly a well-known player in the gaming industry. Their name already stands for honest and safe operation, so there is no need to cast suspicion in that direction. The company also has many previous brands that would not be afloat without quality gaming that runs smoothly on clean paper.

Our Take on Huikee 

The 2022 novelty casino is guaranteed to leave no one cold. Huikee is an instant casino for entertainment lovers that will shake up the gaming scene with a fresh and powerful take on the game. The sleek and well-designed interface provides a great starting point for a wide range of gaming excursions.

The game selection is already well established and with a few tweaks, it will be near perfection. There are a number of the industry's toughest studios and their hit games to keep even the most discerning player happy.

The other features of the site are very well implemented and exude efficiency. Payments are easily handled via Trustly, customer support is excellent and there is no room for improvement when it comes to licensing. So it seems that Huikee Kasino is by all accounts a strong candidate for the toughest new online gambling site.

Huikee Kasino F.A.Q. 

Is Huikee Kasino a reliable online casino?

It is absolutely 100%. Once again, a highly experienced and respected backer has cobbled together a reliable gaming site that operates under the proper supervision of the gaming authorities all year round.

How do I open an account at Huikee Kasino?

There is no need to open a gaming account, you will be authenticated when you make your first deposit.

Where can I read about experiences with Huikee Kasino online casino?

In this review section, you will find users' feedback, comments, and other general experiences about the gaming site and the services it offers.

Does Huikee Kasino offer bonuses and free spins to new customers?

Unfortunately, there is no benefits package available for new players at this casino site, but the high-level VIP program makes up for this shortcoming well.

How fast are deposits and withdrawals at Huikee Kasino?

Money transfers are always very quick at this casino site. Currency moves both ways here in just minutes.

Is Huikee Kasino a scam?

Absolutely not. This is a trusted gaming site from a very well-known gambling backer, known for its dozens of secure casino sites.

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