How to get 500 FUN credits welcome bonus to CasinoFair?

General Information

The concept of developing a casino based solely on Blockchain and cryptocurrency was brought forth and developed by FunFair since 2018. Developing it over time helped create a casino that requires the latest version of Chrome, Brave or Firefox browsers. Gamblers don’t need to go out of their way depositing funds in the online casino. Using Ethereum from their trusted wallet, they can access the casino’s currency known as FUN tokens to play on the site.

So, here is the detail that matters the most. CasinoFair is the first child by FunFair technologies to roll out for public consumption. You can access this casino and all other sister casinos by the dame developers by signing up for a FunPass – an account on the FunFair site. To avoid multiple registrations in each of the casinos, you can create a single account under FunPass and have the account active for any of the casinos under the group. If you only want to try out CasinoFair, you can register directly for an account on this casino.

Exclusive No Deposit Welcome Bonus 

As a fairly new casino, this website doesn’t rely on the traditional aspects that come with the territory. There are a lot of new features that are uniquely suited to the casino. One of those is the structuring of the casino bonuses and promotions. You can expect to get up to 20,000 FUN chips once you sign up with the casino.

STEP 1 – Sign up and get 500 FUN!

STEP 2 – Once you've wagered over 150,000 FUN (slots only), they will put 19,500 FUN directly into your wallet, no deposit required!

To learn of the full details and conditions that accompany this bonus, you can sign up and become a CasinoFair member.

Presently, there are no promotions listed anywhere in the casino. Take advantage of these as and when they become available by refreshing the casino pages and staying updated on the current trends as FunFair keeps on adding to the mix.

20,000 FUN games!

CasinoFair Provably Fair Games 

This casino can be accessed from three browsers. If you have ETH and FUN tokens in your MetaMask wallet, you can enjoy any of the games in the casino.

You get to enjoy mobile gaming under the condition that you are on a web browser that supports ETH’s network. Start by checking Status, Opera and Cipher. All interface, games and website proficiency are ineptly adapted to mobile navigation and come with well-designed smooth animations. The graphical design and game mechanics are all in order and responsive to all the latest smartphones. No need to even download any casino app on your phone.

Games categories on-site include the likes of dice, baccarat, poker, slots, roulette, and blackjack. With such a collection, gamblers are always sure that their enthusiasm will be well-met in the platforms as there is always something for each type of gambler. Without the support of your traditional software developers, CasinoFair has managed to achieve what some of the most developed casinos only dream of—an active casino lobby with gamblers that are able to play real games in real-time.

Although the gaming list is limited for now, you can keep on checking the site for further developments and improvements as time goes. FunFair promises to keep the fire burning by bringing you only the best games as they come off of their development studios and made specifically for the CasinoFair gambler.

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Other Information about CasinoFair 

There is no sportsbook section at CasinoFair. All the games are blockchain-based and developed specifically for this casino. You cannot get them at any other casino.

Although the official casino currency is the FUN Token, ETH currency is important as well because it’s used to pay what is known as the GAS fee which opens up a game session every time you want to start playing a new game including switching between games. Select between fast, medium and slow GAS fees to determine the amount to be pay when opening a game. The type of GAS price selected is directly related to the speed with which the gaming session corresponds to, of course, fast GAS fee opens gaming sessions the fastest.

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CasinoFair Instant Payments

To gamble at CasinoFair, you need your cryptocurrency and FUN tokens to complete transactions in the casino. Buy Ethereum (ETH) on a trusted exchange base such as Binance then change the coins for FUN. Once the funds are ready, simply transfer them to your MetaMask address and enjoy the fun that comes with being a CasinoFair member.

When accessing the casino, the connection is secure with a valid certificate issued by Amazon that ensures the identity of a remote computer while proving the identity to a remote computer. Of course, like all other casinos, you can add your own layer of protection if you don’t feel secure enough. Since there are no third parties and payment processors, financial security is taken care of by the casino and your wallet. If your coin wallet is protected, chances of your transactions being kept secure are higher.

CasinoFair Instant Support 

Support at CasinoFair can be reached easily by connecting via the Wallet icon located on the bottom right corner of the casino pages. Even during signup, if you don’t understand anything or need help, you can contact support. There are no phone numbers supplied at the moment. Only Chat and a long FAQ section are the best means of learning about your new casino.


For the longest of times, the gambling industry has been trying to link itself with blockchain technology. The FunFair has finally achieved to crack the code and enable that connection. CasinoFair is proof of how far technologies have come. You can take your time and wait for further developments in this online casino. The bonus is not as great as one would expect and clearly, the games are still under development. However, for the most part, you can take initiative and try out the unique game titles offered in this casino. Since they are exclusive to FunFair and CasinoFair is the only project under this group at the moment, this is the only place to enjoy such uniqueness. Try it out, you might be pleasantly surprised.

CasinoFair Online Casino by FunFair

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