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Anyoption is an online binary options broker. This means that traders who take advantage of their services make trades online in an attempt to predict the movement in prices of underlying financial assets. As a broker, anyoption strives to provide top of the line educational materials, an incredibly large list of assets and trade types, as well as a positive overall experience for binary options traders. Today, we’ll look into what they have to offer to see how well they stack up against their competition.


Anyoption Products

As any successful binary options trader will tell you, having more trade types available to you makes the trading process more fun and profitable. With that said, anyoption has made it a point to provide all the trade types successful binary options traders have come to know and love and then some! Here are the products anyoption currently has to offer:

• Standard Binary Options – Standard binary options are the most basic of binary option trades. When trading binary options, all you need to do is choose an asset, choose an expiry period, and decide if the price of that asset is going to rise or fall by the end of the expiry period. If you’re correct, you stand to earn returns as high as 70%+!

• One-Touch Options – One-touch options are arguably one of the most interesting, and definitely one of the most profitable types of options trades. With one touch options, you don’t need to predict exactly what will happen through the expiry period. Instead, you choose an asset, choose a strike price, and choose an expiry period. As soon as the asset value reaches the strike price, you’re in the money no matter what happens next; hence the term “One-Touch”.

• Option + – Option + is a trade that’s unique to anyoption. Just like your basic binary option, you’ll need to choose an asset, an expiry time, and decide if the price of the asset is going to rise or fall within that period. However, what makes this option unique is that you’ve got the ability to sell your trade back to anyoption if the trade seems like it will perform poorly on second thought. This gives traders a unique tool for managing risk!

• 0-100 Options – With 0-100 options, you choose an event with a purchase price that’s somewhere between 0 and 100. Then, you predict if the event is going to happen or not. If your prediction is correct, you’ll earn a return of the difference between 100 and the purchase price.

• Specials – In specials, you can make predictions on the price of Bitcoin by the end of the day, or where Alibaba’s value will end up at the end of its IPO. There are several different options that are available. All you need to do is choose the option that you feel is most probable.

Anyoption Trading Platform Features

Anyoption has tons of great trading platform features. However, the two that stand out the most are:

Profit Line – The “Profit Line” graph gives traders the ability to follow their trades and see estimated profits or losses in real time; while having the opportunity to purchase options right there from the “Profit Line” screen. This ability rolled into an easy to use platform makes it much easier to become successful trading binary options.

One Click – One click trading speeds up the trading process. That’s because once you click the call or put button, the trade is executed immediately without any further confirmation that would generally slow you down. Ease of Use One of the best things about anyoption is how simple the entire website and platform are to use. anyoption made a point not to convolute their system with unnecessary data, and to take all unnecessary steps out of the trading process. As a result, everything you need to find is available almost immediately. Also, because they’ve taken out all the unnecessary steps we’re used to seeing with other brokers, trading with anyoption is much more efficient!

Academy Education

One of the things I liked the most was the trading academy offered by anyoption. With so many new comers showing interest in binary options trading, anyoption places a high level of importance on offering educational materials that help these beginners to succeed. In their trading academy, you’ll find the following resources

• Trading Guides – The trading guides offered at anyoption are incredibly intuitive guides designed to turn the beginner trader into an expert. They cover everything from beginner information like what binary options are and how to trade them to advanced concepts like risk management, advanced trading strategies, and more! With so much detailed information, even the most experienced traders could find value in these trading guides.

• Beginner Video on Demand – If you’re a beginner trader, there are a few things that you’re going to need to know to get started. With the Beginner Video on Demand, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started!

• Advanced Video on Demand – Once you get a good understanding of what binary options are and how they work, you’re going to want to start looking into advanced concepts. So, anyoption provides Advanced Video on Demand. In these videos you learn about advanced trading concepts like risk management, advanced strategies, understanding market indicators, and more! These videos are designed to turn you into an expert in just a few hours!

• Product Tutorials – Each different option type offered works a bit differently. So, anyoption provides product tutorials that go over the different trade types in detail in order to teach you how to be successful trading them.

• eBook – The eBook offered at anyoption is an intuitive guide designed to teach you anything and everything you need to know to become a successful trader!

• Articles – Finally anyoption offers a few great options designed to teach beginners exactly what binary options are and how they work. These articles include:

– This article gives beginners an in depth understanding of exactly what binary options are and how they work. o How to trade binary options

– This article discusses how simple it is to trade binary options

– Finally, this article discusses the unique benefits associated with trading binary options!

Deposits and Withdrawals

With anyoption, you can make deposits and withdrawals using the following methods:

• Credit Card – You can deposit and withdrawal funds using your American Express, Visa, or MasterCard.

• Bank Wire Transfer – You can make deposits and withdrawals via bank wire transfer as well.

• Domestic Payments – Depending on your current region, other domestic payment methods may be available to you.

• Skrill – You can make deposits using Skrill. However, withdrawals are not currently allowed.

Anyoption Mobile Trading

One Click Trading App – As consumers, workers, parents, and investors, we’re pretty busy; that’s why having the ability to trade on the go is so important. anyoption offers a One Click Trading app that gives you the ability to invest fast on an easy to use platform; no matter where you are. The best part is, the anyoption One Click trading app is available for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets! anyoption In-Depth Blog Another one of my favorite things about anyoption is their blog. It offers hundreds of blog posts that include”

Market Insights – Get detailed market insights based on current news and events. Since as a binary options trader, your job is to predict market movement; these insights give you a unique advantage while trading.

Analysis Video’s – anyoption also provides in-depth technical analysis videos to give you an idea of where your opportunities in the market lie.

Training Guides – Finally, you’ll find tons of blog posts that will teach you how to become more and more successful as a binary options trader. anyoption Overall Overall, anyoption provides an incredible service. By providing top of the line educational materials, an incredibly large asset index, multiple trading types, and an overwhelmingly easy to use platform; Anyoption has created a tool that’s perfect for beginner, intermediate, and advanced binary options traders!

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